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Bring NFC feature to React Native. Inspired by phonegap-nfc and react-native-ble-manager

Contributions are welcome!

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javascript part

npm i --save react-native-nfc-manager

native part

This library use native-modules, so you will need to do pod install for iOS:

cd ios && pod install && cd ..

For Android, it should be properly auto-linked, so you don't need to do anything.


Please see here

Also See

[Demo App] NfcOpenReWriter

We have a full featured NFC utility app available for download.


It also open sourced in this repo: React Native NFC ReWriter App

[Bonus] Reconnect.js

Super useful library to help you share states between sibling and nested React components.

Check it out!

Basic Usage

If all you want to do is to read NDEF data, you can use this example:

import NfcManager, {NfcEvents} from 'react-native-nfc-manager';

// Pre-step, call this before any NFC operations
async function initNfc() {
  await NfcManager.start();

function readNdef() {
  const cleanUp = () => {
    NfcManager.setEventListener(NfcEvents.DiscoverTag, null);
    NfcManager.setEventListener(NfcEvents.SessionClosed, null);

  return new Promise((resolve) => {
    let tagFound = null;

    NfcManager.setEventListener(NfcEvents.DiscoverTag, (tag) => {
      tagFound = tag;
      NfcManager.setAlertMessageIOS('NDEF tag found');
      NfcManager.unregisterTagEvent().catch(() => 0);

    NfcManager.setEventListener(NfcEvents.SessionClosed, () => {
      if (!tagFound) {


Anything else, ex: write NDEF, send custom command, please read next section.

Advanced Usage

In high level, there're 3 steps to perform advanced NFC operations:

  1. request your specific NFC technology
  2. select the proper NFC technology handler, which is implemented as getter in main NfcManager object, including:
    • ndefHandler
    • nfcAHandler
    • isoDepHandler
    • iso15693HandlerIOS
    • mifareClassicHandlerAndroid
    • mifareUltralightHandlerAndroid
  3. call specific methods on the NFC technology handler
  4. clean up your tech registration

For example, here's an example to write NDEF:

import NfcManager, {NfcTech, Ndef} from 'react-native-nfc-manager';

// Pre-step, call this before any NFC operations
async function initNfc() {
  await NfcManager.start();

async function writeNdef({type, value}) {
  let result = false;

  try {
    // Step 1
    await NfcManager.requestTechnology(NfcTech.Ndef, {
      alertMessage: 'Ready to write some NDEF',

    const bytes = Ndef.encodeMessage([Ndef.textRecord('Hello NFC')]);

    if (bytes) {
      await NfcManager.ndefHandler // Step2
        .writeNdefMessage(bytes); // Step3

      if (Platform.OS === 'ios') {
        await NfcManager.setAlertMessageIOS('Successfully write NDEF');

    result = true;
  } catch (ex) {

  // Step 4
  NfcManager.cancelTechnologyRequest().catch(() => 0);
  return result;

To see more examples, please see React Native NFC ReWriter App


Please see here


Please see here


This package cannot be used in the "Expo Go" app because it requires custom native code.

After installing this npm package, add the config plugin to the plugins array of your app.json or app.config.js:

  "expo": {
    "plugins": ["react-native-nfc-manager"]

Next, rebuild your app as described in the "Adding custom native code" guide.


The plugin provides props for extra customization. Every time you change the props or plugins, you'll need to rebuild (and prebuild) the native app. If no extra properties are added, defaults will be used.

  • nfcPermission (string | false): Sets the iOS NFCReaderUsageDescription permission message to the Info.plist. Setting false will skip adding the permission. Defaults to Allow $(PRODUCT_NAME) to interact with nearby NFC devices.
  • selectIdentifiers (string[]): Sets the iOS entitlements to a list of supported application IDs.


  "expo": {
    "plugins": [
          "nfcPermission": "Custom permission message",
          "selectIdentifiers": ["A0000002471001"]

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